Head Office: Claydon House, 1 Edison Rd, Rabans Lane Industrial Area, Aylesbury HP19 8TE

Security Jobs

Servesify Ltd provides security officers with skills, knowledge, and expertise to ensure that your event is safe and secure. We service different kinds of events from private, small, and large functions. We also provide security services for most-high profile events.

Our professionalism has enabled us to respond immediately to security concerns at events. Our ability is reliable and can respond to and manage a large crowd of people, making it a company of choice for events.

Close Protection Jobs

Servesify Ltd uses its available security guarding services to secure events. We have trained individuals who can protect events by keeping intruders at bay and scanning for threats within the event's premises. Our company employs cutting-edge modern technology to deliver our clients customised and integrated security services. Our transport resources make the transportation of our staff to the event venue easy, facilitating time response to any security concerns during events. We keep people safe, which allows the development of our communities. Servesify promotes activities such as the arrangement of barriers, temporary fencing installation for easy crowd management, and fire assembly points.

The provision of emergency contingency and security plans is just a drop in an ocean of what our staff can achieve during the arrangement of events. Our team strives to be the first to attend to individuals who need first aid services. Making Servesify your security partner, mitigate your worries concerning issues like evacuation procedures and customisation of security systems to fit your event since our staff is trained to handle the tiresome work.

We ensure that our clients experience unforgettable experiences as planned without encountering hitches during events due to threats of any form.