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At Servesify, we have invested an extra mile in providing you with security dog handling services. The service offers support for our qualified and trained team of security guards, enabling them to give you the best security cover. Our professional dog acts as additional protection and deterrent mechanism. The staff at Servesify ltd is trained to work and handle trained security dogs. The experience enables them to utilise the extra gifted animals to improve security and prevent risk factors in our client's premises. Our dog handling service effectively covers security needs for clients who want to enhance security in large or small spaces. Also, the service can be integrated into the high-profile site as an additional threat detecting mechanism. Our security dogs are highly trained to detect hiding persons during patrol or intruder chases. By exhibiting controlled aggression, they can also protect individuals, including their handlers. Using our dog unit at Servesify ltd, we have trained our security dogs to accept people in their immediate environment as long as they are not a threat to security. However, the dogs can react on command and mitigate any security threats. This makes our dogs fit for deployment in public areas and events.​​

Some security solutions we offer at Servesify ltd include the Access control system. The service ensures that only authorised employees and persons can access the organisation facilities. Servesift ltd protects staff and individuals that enter the offices and secures all areas in an organisation. We achieve access control by utilising modern security gadgets and employing our trained and SIA-licensed staff at our client's premises. At Servesify ltd, access control systems enable us to monitor the corporate access areas by trespassers, thus, mitigating possible threats. Our staff also helps the organisation manage the reporting time of employees in the offices. We provide institutions with a video surveillance service that allows watching the entire organisation and responding to security threats identified by our team. Our security structure that entails the use of physical security and technology fosters a high level of protection for our clients, which ensure no security detail is missed during our collaboration with institutions as their security partner.


Corporate offices: Where issues can’t be settled exclusively by a static guard
Unoccupied land: Where gatecrashers may have taken inhabitance
High-crime regions: Where the additional risk of a security dog is required
Drug discovery: Where master dog faculties and handler experience is required
Large locales: Where the full perimeter should be covered.


Not exclusively will our Retail Security prevent the thieves; they will likewise console and offer certainty to clients or shoppers. We offer a scope of advantages to retail premises. They offer the first boundary of protection against any person who tries to take from your store. Besides, SERVESIFY LTD retail security guards are trained to detect any suspicious conduct in people who appear to be planning any suspicious behaviour and a reason for distress. Retail security guards are also an inviting face for the public to approach for any help, and furthermore have trust in protecting their assets and prosperity.


We have a rundown of fulfilled clients in London, Birmingham, Midlands, Yorkshire who trust SERVESIFY LTD to ensure their premises to furnish them with peace of mind. All of our staff are fully trained and insured.
24/7 service Available We are dedicated to giving a high-quality service.
Professional and considerate staff.
Available to prevent nearby vandalism
Able to offer Gate House security for the passageway and leave destinations

Security dog handling services settle money related and operational issues of instructing a team of security guards to patrol your site. A security dog handler and dog can offer a functioning answer for your issues by patrolling the zone by foot and keeping alert for irregularities in the region and any security concerns.